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The Art of Hustle with Anthem Salgado


Anthem Salgado, Founder of, discusses how individual artists can maximize the potential of social media for arts marketing.





Sample Documents


Proposal from St. Lukes Chamber Ensemble to the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Request for support of a chamber music festival celebrating contemporary women composers.

Proposal from Larchmere PorchFest to Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood received funds to host a one-day festival, free and open to all, in which local musicians perform on porches of residents and businesses throughout the neighborhood. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

Proposal from The Griot Project to Neighborhood Connections

Artists' collective received funds to increase neighborhood's awareness and appreciation of Black heritage, traditions, and culture through poetry and creative writing events and workshops. This project had a fiscal sponsor.

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Turn Your Tryers Into Buyers, Donors, and Advocates

Oct 29, 2013  

How do you turn your single ticket attendees (“Tryers”) into loyal return/repeat customers (“Buyers”), and eventually into Donors and Advocates? Get answers from Joanne Steller, Vice President of Strategic Communications at TRG Arts.

The Artist as Entrepreneur

Oct 31, 2011  

Replay the transcript of Rebecca Posey and Matthew Charboneau discussing how artists can build their own successful creative enterprises.

Shaking the Money Tree for Film and Video Fundraising

Oct 06, 2011  

Veteran consultant and writer Morrie Warshawski, and his daughter, Leah, a filmmaker, answer questions about raising funds for film and video projects.

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